Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Why another blog on leadership?

Why another blog on leadership?  I'm glad you asked!

Over the past few years I have considered jumping into the world of blogging.  After several false starts, I have decided that I need to discipline myself to do it and do it now...an important leadership point for another blog post.

Having said all that, I have been teaching and studying leadership all of my professional life.  It is what I know and do, so, if for no other reason, this gives me a venue to write and share what is on my mind and what I am still learning (leaders are always learning, they never "arrive"!)

 So, here is an opening salvo regarding my thoughts and beliefs on leadership:

* Leadership development is a process.

* Leadership is developed over time one step at a time.

* "Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less." ~~John C. Maxwell

* Everyone has leadership potential

* "Everyone is called upon to lead in some capacity sooner of later in life."  ~~ Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward

* Leadership and Management are two separate things and are not synonyms!

As I venture into the blogoshere, I intend to explore these and other leadership concepts in detail.

Stay tuned!  Here we go!!